Define document file names for downloaded packages

We have file names on our documents based on our internal document numbering. Our customers on the other hand would like to have the same documents with file names which correspond to their numbering. We have a property called "Customer Document Name" and we use that to fill in the correct document numbers given by the customer. This customer's document number is also printed on the title block of each document.

Our customers often download the packages from the portal and save the files into a file system. In this case, the only metadata that they have visible is the file name. They would very much like to look at the documents in the file system with file names that make sense to them. Our document numbers are just gibberish to our customers.

It would be great to be able to construct the file names dynamically out of the documents' metadata.

A project in the portal could contain 1 or more file name transformation specifications. This FTS, if you like, would tell which metadata fields are to be used and what is the separator character between each part.

Then the sender of the package could select which transformation to use for each package, or perhaps automate that based on the recipient organization.

  • Vesa Peltonen
  • Apr 8 2024
  • Needs review
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