Align Project Folder Workflow Right Click and Menu Bar menus

In the PowerWeb there is inconsistency in the organisation/grouping of right click options compared to the top menu bar. In particular, the Workflow options are inside “Folder” on the top menu bar, but inside “Workflow” on the right click options.

With documents the equivalent menus are more consistent.

This may seem like a minor UI issue, but when training new users on the interface and Project Folder functionality these terms are already complicated to explain, yet having an inconsistent UI really doesn’t help

Could this be considered for a review or tidy-up of how Project Folder options are arranged between the menu bar and right click menu options?

  • Glenn McCartney
  • Jun 29 2018
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  • Admin
    Rudi Pieters commented
    10 Jul 12:42

    Makes sense to me. So when a folder is selected:

    1. show document workflow commands in the Workflow ribbon tab
    2. show project workflow commands in the Project ribbon tab


  • Glenn McCartney commented
    26 Jul 13:58

    Not 100% what I'm getting at

    Say the user wishes to move a project folder to the next project workflow state:
    Right Click Method
    Right Click on folder > choose Workflow > [Next WF State]
    Ribbon Method
    Ribbon > choose Folder > choose Workflow > [Next WF State]

    So you would tell the user “You can right click on the project folder and select Workflow (not folder) , but on the ribbon select Folder first (not workflow as it is not active), then Workflow”. Confusing!

    If I was to propose a way forward…
    Put the Project Workflow commands inside the Workflow tab on the ribbon. Therefore the user can be told to go to Workflow either on right click or on the ribbon to see the relevant project workflow commands.