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Allow management of Subscriptions for others - PowerWeb

Submitted by Juliano Correa on behalf of Brendan Greene.
Related to MPS-14423.


We would like to know if there is any information you can provide on the 'Allow management of subscriptions for other' Vault role & Priv.

Within the PowerWeb there is no visible option to manage the subscriptions for other users as there is within the Power User.


Try to manage subscribers on PW and you will won't have the option to


Power user and power Web to have the option to manage Subscribers
  • Brendan Greene
  • Mar 19 2019
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    Chris Tsangarides commented
    25 Mar 16:57

    Legacy ID: MER-I-173

    Idea created at: 2018-Oct-25

    Referenced customer:


    Vishal Saraf Nov 13, 2018 It would be great to have a default navigation view ("My Subscribed Documents" for example) along with this. It would help users to easily identify what they have subscribed to and then unsubscribe from this list.