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As a Meridian user, I would like to have the ability to change my rendition viewer.

Submitted by Juliano Correa on behalf of Daniel Hunziker

Change description
In the current scenario, customer is using PDFTron for .pdf renditions, this is OK but, they also have DWF renditions created for .iam / .ipt, these renditions are not supported by PDFTron so they need another option to view these renditions, without disabling PDFTron.

Expected Result
Customer would like to use Autovue or Autodesk DWF Viewer for DWF renditions, and PDTron for .pdf renditions, in an easy way, configurable from client side as example.

Actual Result
If you disable PDFTron on web client, you can use Autovue to view these renditions, but this is not feasible.
  • Daniel Hunziker
  • Mar 19 2019
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  • Admin
    Chris Tsangarides commented
    25 Mar 16:26

    Legacy ID: MER-I-194

    Idea created at: 2018-Nov-13

    Referenced customer:


    Rudi Pieters Nov 22, 2018 But the downside would be that redlining would work differently.

    Coen Vromans Dec 4, 2018 PDFTron is the default embedded viewer in Meridian for PDF renditions. PDFTron is also used for online annotation and review. Other rendition types i.e. dwf, nwd, ifc can be viewed by using the 'Download Rendition' function.

  • Daniel Hunziker commented
    17 Apr 05:50

    downloading rendition is another way to work. the issue was about viewer integration?