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Fix the timing issue between the 2018R2 server and client

Ever since my company upgraded to the 2018 version of Meridian, we have been plagued with issues when trying to update documents in the vault. The most common error message is something like "The document cannot be updated because it is currently locked in another session by Username" where Username is the same person trying to update the document. Another common error is "Transaction revoked because the document is currently locked in another session by Username". These errors are very annoying and quite time consuming because the only way to fix them is to reboot the Meridian server or just wait 10 minutes or so until the Meridian client and the Meridian server get synced up again. Before the 2018 version of Meridian, my company would see this error maybe 5 times a year. Now we are seeing it 5 times a day. I have complained to my Meridian software vendor about this on numerous occasions. Can you please do something to make this error go away?
  • Darren Haverstick
  • Mar 19 2019
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    Chris Tsangarides commented
    25 Mar 14:00

    Legacy ID: MER-I-224

    Idea created at: 2019-Jan-22

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    Rudi Pieters Feb 5, 2019 Please contact support for this, you can use the Customer Portal at for that. The issue is known and now fixed, and a patch is available for 2018R2. If you are experiencing the issue the the 2018 release, please mention this in the support call.