Searching within a search on the PowerWeb client

It would be useful to be able to search within a search on the Power Web Client.

  • Brendan Greene
  • Feb 1 2018
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  • Admin
    Arjen Bos commented
    09 Feb 13:28

    Brendan, in the web, the right panel shows the current search criteria. The user can adjust the criteria and perform the search again. Does that meet your use case?

  • Brendan Greene commented
    14 Feb 18:22

    Arjen, Yes the user can add criteria to a search, but this does not provide the ability to create complex searches with AND and OR operators. i,e, If I create a search of all documents in Project X AND Project Y, it is useful to search within this saved search for Document with Discipline Architecture OR Mechanical. In this way users can build up complex searches.

    If we were able to change the OR/AND operator i.e. 'All these criteria must be met' with each search criteria as it is added, then this might work.

    Hope this makes sense.