Be more open with product issues and resolutions, update the KB more frequently

It would be extremely useful if BlueCielo would be more open with issues raised and the resolution of those issues.

Sharing the knowledge with the partners allows us to do our jobs better and waste less time troubleshooting bugs that have already been raised and resolved by someone else.

The KB could be utilised to pass on this information. It could also be used for sharing useful tips, tricks, FAQ, etc. etc. on various product releases, especially for information that hasn't made it into the official documentation.

  • Aaron Swain
  • Mar 8 2018
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  • Admin
    Rudi Pieters commented
    13 Mar 10:44

    We strive to share all relevant information in the KB. Please point me to omissions.

  • Aaron Swain commented
    11 Jun 22:53

    Hi Rudi,

    Apologies for the delayed reply, I forgot about the Ideas section.


    I've had this occur quite a few times over the last few years but two very recent examples are:

    1) PowerWeb may suffer reduced performance when there's no Enterprise Server. I don't think is on the KB yet.

    2) Meridian 2018 EDM Server service is set to "Manual" run type by default, which I was told is a product bug that won't be fixed for some reason. Apparently this had already been raised as a support ticket but there was no KB article or documentation on it, so I requested this be added to the KB and documentation (and it was).


    I could find more examples if you like but searching through old tickets can be a little difficult. Let me know if you'd like any other info.




  • Aaron Swain commented
    27 Jun 00:54

    Hi Rudi,

    I have a couple more examples from my recent support tickets:


    3) PowerWeb "Find" dialog breaks when searching with properties that aren't lookups. MRE-4982 addresses this. Apparently it's a known issue and a fix is already available for M2017. I had to spend time investigating it, reproducing it, logging a support ticket, and creating a met file for support to reproduce it.

    4) PowerWeb error "The action cannot be completed now as it is blocked by another session '{service account}'. Please try it later". No mention of this in the documentation or KB, but again I had to create a support ticket before I was told this is a known issue.




  • Aaron Swain commented
    27 Jun 01:25

    Hi Rudi,


    Another one from a recent support ticket:


    5) When you have a static collection set as your current view and right click on the name it results in an error "Unable to get property 'offsetwidth' of undefined or null reference". You then have to close and open the vault. This was a known issue, MRE-5530, but we have no visibility on this.




  • Aaron Swain commented
    23 Aug 06:29

    Hi Rudi,

    Two more from a recent support ticket:

    6) I spent time trying to get thumbnail generation working in PowerWeb but it turns out the functionality doesn't work. The defects were addressed in MRS-274 and MRS-272 and has been resolved in Meridian 2019. I wouldn't have needed to spend time on it if I could already see that the functionality didn't work in Meridian 2017.