Find Form on Meridian Web Server - Vault Specific Properties

At the moment in order to configure the properties allowed to be searched for in the Meridian Web Client we need to edit numerous values (like PropertyCount, the property number n and n.Operator) in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cyco\AutoManager Meridian\CurrentVersion\WebLink\UserPreferences\Default\Find Templates key.

While I generally hate having to edit the registry anyway, the major limitation of this is that it really only works properly for a single vault.  If there are multiple vaults with differently named properties the web client Find function is not easily configured.

I would like to see a GUI based configuration that allows per-vault search settings to be defined for the web client.

Stuart Hodder



  • Stu Hodder
  • Apr 27 2018
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    Rudi Pieters commented
    07 May 07:38

    Hi Stu, two tracks:

    • we are moving to centralising settings for all our client, this is good input for that.
    • in BCME 2018R2, we are extending the BCScript User object to give access to the user settings available in the PowerWeb preferences. Would it be worth while to add access to the profiles here?