Clickable Folder Comment Log

Documents have a clickable comment log with a log of history of document events.

Can a project folder have something similar? As a project folder has workflow history, It would be helpful for folders to have the same functionality as documents with a clickable Comment log with pop-up history memo box

  • Glenn McCartney
  • May 31 2018
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  • Admin
    Rudi Pieters commented
    04 Jun 09:37

    Sounds logical to me. Maybe also record changes like document/subfolder added, document/subfolder deleted?

  • Aaron Swain commented
    11 Jun 23:03

    Can I also suggest adding Folder.Log(), similar to Document.Log()? I did a quick check and the sub doesn't appear to be available to Folder objects.

  • Glenn McCartney commented
    27 Jul 08:31


    For standard folders, yes, they would be good events to track.

    I was thinking more of Project Folders where the folder object has important events such as workflow changes. This would provide a view of who/when Project folder WF changes were made.