Power Web Viewer for original format

In Power Web you only have View Rendition. This is a big problem for me and my colleges. We work with several 10000 AutoCAD and MicroStation drawings.

  1. To not be able to view these formats without opening the file will make are lives very difficult. It will take a lot of extra time for us in our daily work. The feature to view an original format (as you can in Power user) is one of the best and most valued features of Meridian for us. When we archive a document we also make sure the original format is of a good quality and everything looks ok. This is something we do directly in Meridian power user. But if we cant view the original format in Meridian power web we have to open every single document outside of Meridian, and this will take a lot longer than looking at the document in the Meridian viewer.

  2. Additionally not all of the people that view a document (in its original format) has a AutoCAD or MicroStation viewer install on their computer, they use the Meridian viewer to look at the original format.

  3. The rendered pdf is not always that good. Sometimes times we need to correct a rendered pdf by changing the settings (color/monochrome) How will I know now what the original file actually look like without opening the original format outside of Meridian?

  • Jenny Olsson
  • Nov 23 2023
  • Needs review