Ability to report on all tags linked to a selection of documents or report on all documents linked to a selection of tags

As users are maintaining links to the CMMS through the Asset Management Module (AMM) it is useful for them to be able to generate reports on sets of documents or tags to be able to cross check that the correct links have been made for selected documents or selected tags.  Currently users can select a single document and generate a report on the associated tags or select a single tag and report on the associated documents.  However, this is very time consuming and labor intensive if the user wants to check on a set of documents or a set of tags.  The ability to get reports on selections of documents or tags would speed the process greatly and allow users to more easily check the quantity and quality of their work in linking to the CMMS in Meridian.  It would also be nice to be able to generate such a report in Meridian Explorer.

  • Greg Valtierra
  • Jun 7 2018
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