Ability to select all documents in search results in PowerWeb


As we move customers to PowerWeb, a couple have asked how they can select all documents returned by a search. Apparently this isn't possible in Meridian 2017 and working with large search results is tedious. I'd like to suggest two ideas:


1) Currently there are two tickbox buttons, one that selects all documents on the page and one that deselects the documents. Add a third tickbox button that selects all documents in the search results. If needed, display a warning to the user that this could be a lengthy/slow process. I've added a screenshot to show the two buttons that I'm referring to.


2) Allow users to show more than 999 documents per page of search results. It seems that the "Items per call" option at the bottom of the page is limited to three characters, so 999 is the max number of documents they can choose to display per page.



  • Aaron Swain
  • Jun 12 2018
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    Rudi Pieters commented
    18 Jun 10:43

    We're defining an initiative to improve working with batches, and this may be related to that. When a user selects all documents in a large search result, what will they typically do with the documents? E.g. start a workflow?

  • Aaron Swain commented
    19 Jun 10:40

    Hi Rudi. The tasks the customers want to perform are quite various:

    (1) add the documents to a collection,

    (2) build a report,

    (3) download the document/rendition,

    (4) execute a custom command that might, for example, update properties,

    (5) change To-do Person.