Show Revisions - Effective Date vs Modified By

In the Show Revisions overview on a Meridian document you have two fields 'Effective From' and 'Modified By' which can be confusing for users.  We know those two fields have no relation with each other, but many times users read wrong. The effective date is the date the version of the document is created, however users may think the modified by is the user which created the new version. However this is not true. The Modified By is simply the last user which modified the document content. 

We would like to see an option to set in the configuration which columns are shown in Show Revisions or have a new field implemented which replaces Modified By with i.e. 'Version Created By'. 

The Modified By does not have any relation with the created version of that document. Users assume the 'Modified By' is the user who started the version. 


i.e (see attachment).: The user 'hvk' modified the document version '0' and releases it. So Modified By is user 'hvk'. Now user 'rdk' starts a quick change on the document and so creates a new version 'A' and the effective date is set to the current date. However the Modified By value is still 'hvk'. This might be confusing because you would expect user 'rdk' is presented here.

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  • Jun 20 2018
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    Rudi Pieters commented
    25 Jun 08:11

    You could add 'Modification Time' to the Revisions dialog, that may take away some of the confusion. 'Effective From' indeed does not say much to a user. How about calling it 'Revision started at'?

  • Guest commented
    27 Jun 13:45

    Hi Rudi, 

    I forgot you can add columns and also remove them indeed :) We can remove "Modified By" from the Dialog, meaning this will remove the confusion. For the 'Effective From' this could indeed be better called 'Revision started at'. And as said above aswell create a new field who started this revision like 'Revision created by'. Because now you can only find this information in the Document Comment log.