AMStmRec.exe with check only / report only option

We would like to have an option in the AMStmRec.exe so you can run to tool with "check only" / "report only" option. Before we run the tool on a production server we want to know how many data will be found and how much free disk space this will create.

The reason we ask this is because some customers have over 2TB of streams connected to a database. For vaults with smaller stream folders backups are not so massive.


This is just like the option you have in the VCW (check only)

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  • Jun 25 2018
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    Rudi Pieters commented
    25 Jun 08:22

    Added to beacklog. Do you have a particular reason to expect a large volume of recovered files?

  • Guest commented
    27 Jun 13:29

    Hi Rudi, we do not know what to expect when running the tool. This is the reason we want to have the "check only" option. We want to know before it runs (for the first time) what it will do. We do not expect alot of files, but we cannot garantee this.

    What if alot of wizard pages are canceled when creating a new document? This is one of the situations we know disconnected stream are created.