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Meridian Portal should be able to support collaboration on Revit models

The customer wants to collaborate in a Portal environment using, among others, Revit models. The customer requires the ability to view and comment a Revit model while working in Meridian Portal.

The customer described the following scenario: An architect creates the "rough" design of the building in Revit. That design will then move on to other disciplines where they will add the cladding, electrical installations, interior design, etc. During this process the customer wants to be able to view and comment on the Revit model in a similar fashion as we do now with Review packages. To summarize, Meridian Portal must support the use of Revit.

What value does it bring to the customer/prospect?

* The customer can expand their use of Meridian and include the design and construction phase of new store locations.

BlueCielo business impact

* The customer is looking at Aconex and Conject and especially Aconex seems to have the Revit support that the customer is looking for.

Is it applicable to multiple customers and if so, to how many?

* No other concrete requests so far but confident that this will severely strengthen our position as solution suitable to support the BIM market.

What customer personas does it affect

* All type of users, internal and external, involved in the Revit design phase.
  • John Libert
  • Mar 19 2019
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  • Admin
    Chris Tsangarides commented
    21 Mar 20:40

    Legacy ID: M360-I-16

    Idea created at: 2018-Apr-25

    Referenced customer:

    COMMENTS: Coen Vromans Apr 26, 2018 Viewing and comments in Review Packages are currently done on PDF documents in the HTML5 viewer with annotation capability. How do we envision this capability for Revit models? Are the Revit models exported to Navisworks for viewing and comments?