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Share a collection with a group of users.

Share a collection with a group of users. NOT everybody.


Sweco Belgium
  • Maurizio Dalmagro
  • Mar 19 2019
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  • Admin
    Chris Tsangarides commented
    25 Mar 17:54

    Legacy ID: MER-I-119

    Idea created at: 2018-Jul-23

    Referenced customer:


    Rudi Pieters Jul 25, 2018 Makes sense to me in general, but a few concrete use cases would help to build the business case for this. Jul 25, 2018 A collection of P&ID mentioned on the 'Drawing Index'. Share this collection only with a group of users.

    Matthias Peterka Nov 29, 2018 Very useful idea. Accoding to german law we have to carry out various technical audits by external experts on a regular basis. For this audits we have to provide various drawings and documents stored in Meridian. The respective internal colleagues can select the relevant documents and assign them to a shared collection. Matthias Peterka European Central Bank

    Vesa Peltonen Jan 4, 2019 Our users often have a need to communicate about an ad hoc bunch of documents. They would want to send an email or a chat message to a colleague where they could refer to a "bunch of documents" with a URL. Like: Hello, in the meeting we talked about matter XXX. It is all about there documents: URL In Power user there is a functionality: "Send to email recipient". This is close but that feature sends a bunch of links to the recipient. Then the recipient must open each link separeately and there is no way to have an overview in Meridian like "okay, this is what my colleague sent me". In my view this kind of shareable "collections" would not need to be permanently visible for the receiving or sending user. Users could choose to save it as a collection but it would not happen automatically. That is becuse the use of such ad-hoc collections would clutter the UI pretty soon. The above describes what the users really need. I would however settle with dynamic collections that can be shared with a user group. We have our documents split into projects. It would be a great improvement to be able to create shared collections that are visible for the project team only.

  • Dan Biancucci commented
    04 Apr 11:26

    We have 1500 users throughout our facility and this is one of the biggest complaints and request. Our equipment specialist would like to have the ability to create their private collection and share these collections to maintenance teams, it would be most helpful for off shift maintenance crews during breakdowns.


    The current options of for Private & Shared Collection is very limited.

  • Don Hodges commented
    17 Apr 19:02

    I could see an additional  use in hiding collections for feeding Explorer jobs.  We have to make Shared Global collections now so that Explorer can see them but it makes the user community see them too, when they shouldn't need to see them.  We could share them with a group that the Explorer service account or administrators could see.

  • Admin
    Chris Tsangarides commented
    11 Jun 19:44

    Thank you, everyone, for your suggestion and additional comments.

    This idea has made an impact and is now on the Meridian roadmap. Stay tuned for updates.

    Chris Tsangarides
    Product Manager