Enable Drag&Drop in WebClient

Its more convenient for a user to D&D from disk into a folder instead of right mouse, add document, select document ....
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  • Mar 19 2019
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  • Chris Tsangarides commented
    22 Mar, 2019 05:43pm

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    Idea created at: 2017-Nov-10

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    Rudi Pieters Nov 22, 2017 Implementing comprehensive drag&drop in PowerWeb is scheduled for the BCME 2018R2 release.

    Rudi Pieters Feb 15, 2018 We're working on mockups for the drag&drop functionality for 2018R2. I expect to have the first mockups in about 2 weeks. Drop me a mail at rudi.pieters@bluecieloecm.com if you want to take part in a feedback session on these mockups.

    Rudi Pieters Jul 10, 2018 Drag and drop of files into PowerWeb shipped in BCME 2018R2.

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