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Drag&Drop within the Web client

Power Web-Client should have functions to use drag&drop within the client

- using right mouse select will just move document from one to another place (and if wizard are configured for move they will pop up)

- using the left mouse button will bring up a windows to ask for move/copy or cancle (Outlook way using drag/drop)
  • Daniel Hunziker
  • Mar 19 2019
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    Chris Tsangarides commented
    19 Mar 23:21

    Legacy ID: MER-I-106

    Idea created at: 2018-Jul-10

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    COMMENTS: Rudi Pieters Aug 16, 2018 How usable would this be with long lists? Would cut & paste and copy & paste also do the job? Meike Lübbert Aug 16, 2018 In my opion DnD is State of the art. CnP will not do the same Job.

    DANIEL HUNZIKER Sep 22, 2018 CnP is another way to work, DnD is a common way to work? It is "have way" working, if you do a DnD in the R2 release a png file (the icon) is stored a the target place:-)

    Rudi Pieters Sep 27, 2018 Still not convinced about D&D within a large list. Two ideas: 1. drag to and from basket (area/icon on the screen) 2. Open two browser tabs in the Vault and D&D between them.

    DANIEL HUNZIKER Sep 27, 2018 Rudi, for long list you are rigth it is not realy usefull just moving around, what I see for example I'm working in a project an have to move 1 or several documents from one phase to another, or from one project to another. If long lists are open, then probably Cut/Paste would be a bether option then I could cut, search for the new place and past it there. The CnP should be improved, it is hidden, closes all open structures and has no wizard pages (so no OnProperties Trigger).