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Improve the licenses authorisation processes

It would be nice if a simpler authorisation process could be implemented to Meridian.

Let first resume the current process.

If we require to upgrade a Meridian server, we must do the following:

* Request the customer licenses to be upgrades by e-mail.
* Bluecielo will then post the latest release licences to the portal and advise us by e-mail.
* We then need to log in the portal to retrieve those licences and install them to the server.
* We generate the new licences authorisation including the new server ReturnKey and the SiteID and send it back by email.
* Bluecielo authorise the licences and post them back to the portal then advise us by e-mail.
* We log back in to the portal to retrive the licenses.
* We install the registered licences back to the server. (done !!!!)

The complete process require 4 email exchanges. Two portal updates done by Bluecielo and two downloads by the tech installing Meridian.

I'm wondering if the license update request could be performed online withing the installation process and be automated on the Bluecielo side. The installation process could retrieve the required licences automatically for his version. Within the process, the user would require to enter it's agreement number or SiteID to confirm his identity. Request for the license authorisation could also be included in the same process or as a secondary step and retrieval of the authorisation could also be automated from the server.

This would cut down in BC and Client operations and make the whole process much easier for everyone.
  • Patrick Charron
  • Mar 19 2019
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    Chris Tsangarides commented
    25 Mar 17:59

    Legacy ID: MER-I-109

    Idea created at: 2018-Jul-12

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    Rudi Pieters Jul 18, 2018 We will be introducing subscription licensing for on-premises in the BCME 2019 release. With this, no license codes need to be exchanged at all.

    Frank Mönkemeyer Jul 25, 2018 I let surprise me how this will work. For instance: For which user it will be allowed to access the internet from a server in a high security network? Usually all internet access is blocked.