Message boxes/Alerts in the Power Web Client

Hi, As Bluecielo are now preferring the Power Web client, it would be extremely useful/necessary to provide some means of message box to alert users / get acceptance when running script functions or events in the Web Client.
  • Brendan Greene
  • Mar 19 2019
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    Rudi Pieters commented
    19 Feb, 2020 08:41am

    Planned for the 2020 R2 release. It's not exactly the same as the current implementation because that approach is not feasible for browser-based clients. The new approach will provide the same flexibility and (IMHO) a better UI, but you will need to restructure your script.
    Send me an email at if you are interested in the details and would like to give feedback.

  • Chris Tsangarides commented
    22 Mar, 2019 05:40pm

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    Rudi Pieters Feb 21, 2018 Agree, and some enhancements are on the roadmap. The issue here is that it's difficult to generate UI in the browser in response to a script function running on the server. Please give me examples of situation where you want to use a message or input box from script so I can make sure our planned enhancements will meet the needs.

    Brendan Greene Mar 20, 2018 Hi Rudi, As we move customers to away for Power User client, we need method to confirm user acceptance when running a command or to check they are OK with something or possibly give them information on the message of the details of the transaction about to be completed. I know it's difficult but when do you think this might be available? Thanks Brendan

    Arjen Bos Mar 26, 2018 We have some options to show messages after an operation is finished using "Batch.details". We also have options to show message before some operations with wizard pages. What other scenarios would you like to cover?

    Frank Mönkemeyer Mar 26, 2018 We are asking the user, on the first startup in the vault open event with an inputbox for the user initials.

    Rudi Pieters Apr 6, 2018 @Frank: would it not be more logical to add an input box for that in the user preferences?

    Rudi Pieters Apr 6, 2018 @Brendan: do you only need informational messages, or do you also need to get decisions from the user during event processing?

    Frank Mönkemeyer Apr 6, 2018 Yes, Rudi you are right we are using an input box there. And in addition we also use MSG Boxes for decisions like YES/NO/...

    Frank Mönkemeyer Apr 6, 2018 *** to Rudi: i just read "Inputbox". Yes this is perhaps an option as long we can force the user to add his initials.

    Brendan Greene Apr 8, 2018 Hi Rudi, I would say that we need both informational message boxes and input/responses from the users during event processing. Thanks

    Brendan Marcel van Ellen Nov 28, 2018 Totally agree with Brendan. I cannot add any command to my vault. When adding a command my property pages are gone. Also the input boxes and message boxes are not available. Bummer!!!

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