Asset Enabled Hotspots in Explorer

When we extract tag data, lets grab the Geo location of that tag on the page to create a hotspot.  So when you are looking at the drawing specifically in Explorer, you can click the asset on the drawing to pull up the information.

  • Travis Bailey
  • May 24 2018
  • Planned
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  • Admin
    Rudi Pieters commented
    25 May 08:17

    You are referring to geo location, do you have integration with a GIS in mind? In Meridian 2018R2 we are adding better facilities for defining Explorer filters based on coordinates.

  • Travis Bailey commented
    08 Jun 14:41

    Hi Rudi, For some reason it didn't add my name to this idea.  I am actually talking about where the tag or asset is located on a drawing, grab that x-y coordinates of the tag on the drawing, and enable a hotspot in explorer when looking at the drawing.  You simply click the tag hotspot on the drawing and the tag data opens up.

  • Travis Bailey commented
    08 Jun 14:43

    Also, I just heard from Invista this week that they would love to have this functionality.  Multiple Operation managers mentioned this feature would be extremely useful.

  • Coen Vromans commented
    12 Nov 12:20

    I was at Arkema in France last week and received the same request. They want to see hotspots in rendered documents in Meridian Explorer