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Batch replace content

CBMM are used to receive updated content of documents by email, ftp, pend drive and want to update the content of documents the easiest way possible.

All documents they receive are reserved in the system (existent) and usually in the right workflow step (under change)

what they want is a way to just select a folder with documents from filesystem, system will check if the same document with same name exists in the right workflow state and then update the content.

We`ve created a command and script (attached) to do that in power user.

It would be great if we have similar function in core product. It could work together with import command, so If user drag and drop documents to a folder in PowerWEB, instead of import document (the only available option right now) user would have the option to update the content if file exists with same filename. It would also be interesting to search for file not only in current selected folder but also subfolders (recursive), so user could just select the project folder and import the files.
  • Irineu Silva
  • Mar 19 2019
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  • Admin
    Chris Tsangarides commented
    25 Mar 17:34

    Legacy ID: MER-I-149

    Idea created at: 2018-Sep-10

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    Rudi Pieters Sep 11, 2018 There is no practical way to upload a folder structure via a web browser. All files in the subfolder can be uploaded,but the folder structure is lost due to security restrictions. Only way to upload a folder structure in a browser is by using an archive or a local (LWS) client. Sep 11, 2018 I am not sure original ideas was well understood, I was not talking about folder structure at all, but to replace document contents in a batch way, regardless of the subfolder document is, replace would be based in file name basically.