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Support layers in PDFTron

We'd like to support layers in the PDFTron viewer, but unfortunately this is not supported or planned by PDFTron in combination with the streaming XOD format. We chose for using XOD because:

1. it minimises load on the browser
2. the content is streamed, so the user does not need to wait for the entire file to download

PDFTron can also view the native PDF (this is currently not implemented in Meridian), but that would negate the advantages. In this case, layers will be fully supported.

With XOD, we could partly support layers by creating separate PDFs. It would then not be possible to freely select layers to view, only to select from predefined sets of layers.
  • Rudi Pieters
  • Mar 19 2019
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  • Admin
    Chris Tsangarides commented
    25 Mar 17:34

    Legacy ID: MER-I-150

    Idea created at: 2018-Sep-11

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