Detect amount of change in drawing revision to manage review effort

This is from a discussion during the last Customer Advisory Board.

The issue raised was to see how we can minimise review and approval effort when a new revision of a drawing is generated from an engineering model (e.g. 3D plant model or electrical model). This often leads to new revisions which have no or only trivial changes. Still, all these changes need to be reviewed by an engineer.

I can see ways to detect what changes are visible in the drawing and categorise the amount (e.g. 'No changes', 'Detail changes', 'Larger changes', 'Drawing-wide changes'). This could then be used to calculate estimates and set workflow (e.g. for detail changes first assign to junior engineer for verification) and priority.

Does this sound like a useful direction?

  • Rudi Pieters
  • Jun 4 2018
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