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PDFTron to view PDF native documents

The end of Meridian Power-User (Windows Client) and the migration to HTML5 browsers will have some effect regarding the way we are working in Meridian. One of the main issue concerns document viewing and redlining as AutoVue will no longer work with Meridian.

The workaround consists to generalize PDF renditions and work with PDFTron. We will then need to generate a PDF rendition file for each document to maintain viewing and redlining features.

The publisher module can to do the job, even if the configuration needs accurate tuning.

I would like to raise the following issue:

* One of my Customers is currently managing up to 115 000 documents (and 100 000 more to come).
* About 80% (90 000) of those documents are PDF files (mostly created from paper documents and quite heavy)
* If we want to make those files available for viewing and redlining, we must create a rendition version of each document.
* At the end, 90 000 pdf files will be duplicated to create the rendition versions!
(I understand that the duplication is necessary for those how are using post-rendering features like watermarks or e-signatures)

The question is: Would it be possible to display the PDF native documents with PDFTron to avoid having to duplicate those files?

By example, the behavior could be as follow in the Power client: If the rendition file doesn't exist and the native file is a PDF document, Meridian could display a message like "Rendition not available. Do you want to display the native PDF document?".
(with an option to hide the message of course).

And for the Explorer Client, it should be possible to have an option at the view definition level to authorize the display of a native PDF file when the rendition is not available.
  • Pierre Riegert
  • Mar 19 2019
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    Chris Tsangarides commented
    25 Mar 17:35

    Legacy ID: MER-I-148

    Idea created at: 2018-Sep-10

    Referenced customer:


    Coen Vromans Sep 19, 2018 Alternatively we could register the PDF document as the PDF rendition. This option is already available in Meridian Portal and it would be good to unify this way of working across all apps. We should also take into account a scenario where a native PDF needs to be rendered with electronic markup. Again this scenario is already available in Meridian Portal within a Review Package. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

  • Daryle Tilroe commented
    19 Jul 17:08

    I just wanted to bump this thread and say I wish I could vote 5 times for getting this fixed.  Also I would encourage anyone who voted for it to look at this closely related bug:

    Basically when the native content is already a PDF it should behave consistently everywhere exactly like a rendition.

  • Daryle Tilroe commented
    14 Aug 20:53

    Is there any update on this?