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64 bit viewing in web client

Around 25% of our customers use a mechanical CAD solution (either Solidworks or Inventor.) Autodesk and Dassault are only producing 64-bit viewers now. These will work with the desktop client (which is deprecated) but not with the web client (which is the future.)

The following customers are likely to be affected:

1710 NAS / Airdri / Britannia / Thermofisher / Meggitt / Johnson & Starley / Urbis / Huhtamaki / Unilever / Mars. There may well be others
  • Greg Bateman
  • Mar 19 2019
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  • Admin
    Chris Tsangarides commented
    25 Mar 17:28

    Legacy ID: MER-I-154

    Idea created at: 2018-Sep-14

    Referenced customer:


    Rudi Pieters Sep 17, 2018 Are these web-based or locally installed viewers? We are considering adding support for local viewer via the LWS client.

    Coen Vromans Sep 19, 2018 In stead of embedding third party viewers in the Meridian Power web client it would be sufficient to download and open files outside the Meridian web client. This approach and use case scenario would not only work for the Meridian Power Web client, but could also work for Meridian Explorer, Meridian Portal and Meridian Mobile The use case scenario will also help to reduce or even omit the Meridian web client footprint.

    DANIEL HUNZIKER Sep 22, 2018 Same situation, Inventor 2019 is supporting X64 only. Currently AutoVue is working in 32-bit mode only and CAD-Viewer in 64-bit mode only this is not a good situation (i know there is server based AutoVue but...) Viewer should be integrated this way the user is more flexible and faster to search/view in his document and has all information in one view. - yes support for local viewer - using rendition if PDFTron would support 3D PDF (can be viewed but 3D is not activ)

  • Oliver Evans commented
    28 Mar 14:12

    There is a registry key to solve this and a selection in IE options:

    ->Windows 7 x64 + IE 11 but should be added following settings:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\TabProcGrowth = 0

    ->WIndows 10 x64 + IE 11 but should be added following settings:
    Add Meridian site to Local Intranet
    Internet options -> advanced settings -> Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protected mode = checked
    Internet options -> Security -> Enable Protected Mode for Local Intranet sites = checked