Improving Explorer Client permissions

After configuring permissions at a few customer sites in the last couple of years, there are two permissions that customers always request:

  • There is currently "Delete comments", "Close comments" permissions which allow a user to delete and edit their comments and comments of other users. It would be really great if these two permissions were only for deleting and closing a user's own comments, and if two new permissions were created: "Delete comments of others" and "Close comments of others".
  • There is currently "Share Collections" and "Edit Collections" permissions which work well. However, it appears that the permission to delete a shared collection is instead bundled into "Manage Packages" permission. It would be really great if there was a "Delete Shared Collections" permission to separate that function out of the "Manage Packages" permission.


  • Aaron Swain
  • Jun 11 2018
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  • Admin
    Rudi Pieters commented
    18 Jun 10:36

    We are planning improvements in comments management and the comments privileges would fit into that. Do you see a need to further differentiate, for a given user, for which other users comments can be edited or closed?

  • Aaron Swain commented
    19 Jun 10:43

    Hi Rudi.

    I haven't come across that requirement from a customer yet. Getting into granular permissions like that could be useful, as long as it's not a requirement to be so granular.

  • Coen Vromans commented
    20 Jun 14:24

    This functionality is already available in Meridian Portal as part of the Review Packages. In the first step all reviewers provide comments. After finalizing the comments the lead reviewer consolidates the comments and creates a closes the review.