The PowerWeb client should use the LWS folder rather than %TEMP%

The PowerWeb client currently uses the %TEMP% folder to temporarily store the files that you're viewing with the Viewer. It should instead use the LWS folder as this is consistent expected behaviour for users to understand, it's more efficient, and some viewers (such as AutoVue) will load xrefs from the LWS folder even if there is no reference in Meridian.

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  • May 20 2019
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    Coen Vromans commented
    4 May, 2021 11:21am

    PowerWeb client is now using Local Workspace when Application Integration (or Cloud Connector) is installed.

  • Chris Tsangarides commented
    4 Jun, 2019 06:32pm

    Thank you again for your suggestion.

    While it would be handy for web clients to save files to other locations, this is a limitation of how web browsers work. For security reasons, they do not have access to all areas of the local machine. They only have access to their designated temp area, a sandbox.

    Even if other folders were to be used to for downloads, web clients will not be able to download multiple files at one time. While some browsers zip mutliple files, that adds multiple steps for the users. Also, the web clients will also not be able to reproduce the folder structure that will be needed for the CAD applications to resolve references.

    By using the Application Integration, the Meridian web clients use the Local Work Space, and manage references, and can download multiple files at a time, and reproduce the folder structure, and exchange data with local authoring applications.

    In addition, development is looking at ways to make the Application Integration much easier to use, like a screen sharing app like GoToMeeting or Zoom, where no Admin privileges are needed and it works automatically.

    Chris Tsangarides
    Product Manager

  • Coen Vromans commented
    29 May, 2019 06:39am

    PowerWeb should also use LWS regardless if SiteCache option is selected.

  • Chris Tsangarides commented
    23 May, 2019 09:12pm

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Development is currently reviewing your idea. Stay tuned for updates.

    Chris Tsangarides
    Product Manager