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Improve SQL Vault Backup Facility

Scenario: Scheduled backups on a Meridian vault with SQL backend

It is necessary to use the "Prepare for Backup" task to ensure logs are committed prior to a SQL backup being taken, so a local windows task must be used and a subsequent, disjointed file-backup used to capture the SQL backup file: which introduces some risk. There is also a need to create a "backup" folder on the SQL server unless a file share is used, the file share adds some risk and security concerns.

Enterprise customers expect to be able to setup, manage and monitor their SQL application database backup plans within Microsoft SQL tools and utilities.

Idea: Facilitate an enterprise method to manage/maintain/monitor SQL vault backups instead of a local Windows scheduled task. Can the backup utility (ambackup.exe) facilitate being used in a SQL Maintenance Plan / SQL Server Agent Job? If this is already possible, can the setup procedure be described in the admin guide?
  • Glenn McCartney
  • Mar 19 2019
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    Chris Tsangarides commented
    25 Mar 17:39

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