Toggle to switch off automatic rendition

Is it possible to provide a config toggle to switch of automatic rendition for certain document types?

In our current flow, when transferring documents through the portal, it is possible for the contractor to upload a PDF alongside with the document. That PDF has a higher quality than the Meridian rendition.

But on return in the Meridian Power environment that PDF is destroyed by subsequent renditions going through the state changes for approval and review.

Being able to turn off the automatic rendition gives us a dual advantage:

  1. we can preserve a high quality PDF for later purposes such as engineering and SAP workflows.

  2. complex, multi paged CAD files can be uploaded in the system without crashing the rendition system.

I am confident that more users are beneficial from this enhancement, and as is can be set up as a configuration toggle this can be tailored for everyone's need.

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  • May 29 2023
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  • Jonas Prokop commented
    31 May 11:49am

    Yes - it would be great if the Reviewer and Approver get a E-Mail after the Rendition ist finished and not when the workflow started.

  • Johan Bryssinck commented
    1 Jun, 2023 11:07am

    Another advantage is that the document controller doesn't have to wait until the rendition is generated at each process step (review, approve, release, ...), which can take some time.